REVIS physical system

  • Cost effective sensing units ( £00's not £000's) for monitoring of health affecting pollutants.
  • Lamppost mounted self contained, locally powered (Solar, 12v, mains etc) IP Rated and tamper proof data collection units.
  • Size approx. 186mm wide x 164mm high x 64mm deep.
  • System uses state of the art sensing heads for NO2, CO2 initially (Others may be considered as a plug in option), PM2.5/10, Temp, Humidity, Barometric pressure and Location (using in built GPS).
  • Sensor units developed with long service lifetime (>20 years for Electronics).
  • Advanced Graphene technology being introduced for enhanced sensor lifetime hence lower maintenance timescales.
  • Real time data is sent to Cloud storage system using latest IoT technology, then onto computing platforms.
  • An optional advanced integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) system using dedicated video capture and processing at the edge will provide enhanced traffic polluter knowledge from the surroundings enabling the source of the pollutants to be understood and enable controlling actions to be taken.

Sensor Detail

  • Uses state of the art commercial sensor elements with Long Lifetime; Currently NO2, CO2 but others O3, NH3 CO, VOC's etc all possible.
  • Pluggable elements for ease of maintenance and product variations.
  • Advanced Graphene based sensor in design. Aimed to overcome current chemical tube issues of lifetime cost etc.