What is REVIS?

Real-time Emission VISualisation for Eco-friendly Travel Behaviours

What is our aim?

To provide a smart system which will measure and display NO2, CO2 and particulate pollutant emissions within the built environment in real-time and be able to predict future pollutant levels for Air Quality (AQ) management.

Data will be made available to end users in a cost effective and easy to understand and use manner, becoming an enabler to reduce pollutants and improve AQ.

REVIS program

A two year IUK sponsored project to generate a real-time display and prediction equipment for NO2 (plus others) pollutant emissions within the built environment.

The Project is designed and implemented by Tier 1, Academic and Commercial companies within the UK:

  • Costain Ltd: Trial site provision
  • University of West of England: AI big data systems and Display
  • Brunel University London: Visualisation
  • Enable My Team: Data analysis and AI
  • TerOpta: Sensor system Inc. IoT data to cloud

REVIS architecture

REVIS architecture graphic

Travel planner

  • REVIS Travel Planner (RTP) is just one form of data display
  • Intelligent traffic barring / rerouting and control
  • Emission Visualisation real-time NO2 & CO2 emissions on roads
  • Available to the public
  • Providing drivers, commuters, cyclists and pedestrians with accurate emissions
  • Enabling city planners to control and significantly improve their city environment